Dregger · Hagen

Arndtstraße 15, 01099 Dresden


Dr. Meinulf Dregger

Tel.  (0351) 80 22 450

Fax  (0351) 80 23 107


Hendrik Hagen

Tel.  (0351) 80 80 10

Fax  (0351) 80 80 128




So as to be able to offer our clients ideal, tailor-made solutions for even the most complex assignments, we are able to bring in, as and when required, further experts and specialists – lawyers, tax consultants, chartered accountants and company consultants – to assist in deliberations.

Our contacts with an international confederation of solicitors’ offices, the Advounion, enables us to represent and protect your interests and to litigate on your behalf on both the national and international level.

In conflict-management and conflict-resolution we favour extra-judicial, out-of-court action. In all such issues, we are able to use the professional support of Agree.on, Society for Business Mediation.