Dregger · Hagen

Arndtstraße 15, 01099 Dresden


Dr. Meinulf Dregger

Tel.  (0351) 80 22 450

Fax  (0351) 80 23 107


Hendrik Hagen

Tel.  (0351) 80 80 10

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Welcome to our Legal Offices.

The king-pins of our trusting and confidential co-operation with our clients are specialist competence in the legal areas concerned and long years of professional experience in the field.

We consider first the overall situation and interests of our clients and then develop a comprehensive strategy in their favour. In shaping the policy that ensues, we seek for solutions which avoid conflict and litigation whenever possible.


In cases where conflict can no longer be averted, we advise and accompany our clients – both in and out of court – with commitment and with an eye to a successful outcome.

For clients who have no legal department of their own we act as ongoing advisors, offering the necessary support and all back-up services.